The First Investment Collective Dedicated to Building Wealth Through the Power of Artificial Intelligence and The Blockchain

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Growing your business is our passion.

Growing your revenue without increasing your overhead is our vocation.

Understand AICOIN in 60 seconds

The AICoin ICO is over but you can buy  AICoin (XAI) without commissions directly through the AICOIN dashboard. You can use XAI or BTC as collateral  to trade stocks by verifying a First Global Credit Trading Account. Your AICoin username and password will allow access to the First Global Credit site as well.

Key Token Facts

  • Token Symbol
  • XAI
  • Token
  • Etherum ERC20 token (Github review)
  • ICO ends
  • ICO ended August  28, 2017
  • Token sales
  • Fund Performance
  • Token value (prior to the start of market trading)
  • 1 XBT = 100,000 XAI (log into the AICoin dashboard or FGC trading platform to see the current market price.
  • Number of Tokens:
  • 77,285,926.8068
  • Subscription Options
  • Purpose of ICO
  • Profit generating investment collective
  • Strategy
  • Proven A.I models trade the top 7 cryptocurriences . Forty percent of profits are distributed back into trading, fifty percent into a start-up investment pool with ten percent going to additional R & D.
  • Empty cell
  • Quarterly investment in blockchain and A.I. start-ups voted upon by token holders through the XAI token
  • Structure
  • Tokenized investment Collective will be the beneficiary of Singapore based company that will hold trading relationships bank accounts and start-up investments.
  • Voting rights
  • Weighted by number of tokens owned
  •  Investment Board
  • Two members ICO-sponsor: first Global Credit, two members token holders (TBD), I independent – Jon Matonis
  • Corporate governance overview
  • The Company will appoint auditors who will on a quarterly basis review who will perform a full audit of cryptographic assets and investment assets held by The Company.

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