The Last 30 Days of AICoin Trading

This is still very early days but we have started to work through a set of initiatives to add value to the AICoin program in light of the depressed state of the entire cryptocurrency market.

What has changed?

The AICoin founding group has set up the Panxora exchange to allow the use of XAI to pay commissions on the exchange at a 50% discount. Also, we’ve started to internally announce the initiative the Collective approved a month ago to search for model developers that may be able to create models more adept at trading the current market conditions. We have had a surprising number of people within the Collective who intend to join the competition when it is formally announced in about a month. But they are currently developing to the API (Automatic Programming Interface) that will give them access to the competition environment.

If we can identify this type of talent, the Collective will benefit because we get the lion’s share of the profit from this trading. Since participation in the competition requires developers to hold AICoin it should also increase demand for the token.

I am working with some outside agencies to bring this opportunity to a broader audience. The people I am talking to look like they may have the knowledge and talent to help make this initiative a success. I will keep you informed when we settle on a partner to launch this initiative.