June 23, 3PM UK Time

Join AICoin’s Marketing Director Joe Belmonte and Founder Marcie Terman to discuss strategies to raise the profile of AICoin.
According to an article published in February by Bitcoin.com quoting information received from Tokendata.io, by February 2018 46% of the projects from 2017’s token sales had already failed. In this environment AICoin is now well into the execution of our stated strategy as well as having doubled token value for token holders. AICoin has held its value while alt coins all around us dive in this clearly bear market.
However, we still face the challenge of broadcasting our value into a marketplace flooded with aggressively pitched tokens, each with founders and bounty campaigners trumpeting their various messages. Within the chaos, we from the AICoin marketing team believe there are a significant number of token buyers that will strain to hear a calm voice stating fact instead of fancy amidst all the shouting.
On Saturday, during the summit we will take your ideas, views and alert you to the unique opportunity the AICoin Collective poses over the rest of the token marketplace.

Summit Agenda:

  1. Articulate and agree on the marketing opportunities for AICoin
  2. Present recommended tactics
  3. Plan to enlist the collective to become active brand ambassadors for the token

Together we can get AICoin listed on token tracking services, find new prospective token holders which will ultimately increase token demand. There’s so much we can easily do.