If you are a token holder then you are a member of the Collective. And as a collective member, you have a voice in all major decisions that relate to AICoin. From time to time, you will be called on to vote around:

  • Operational issues relating to AICoin (ie. marketing budgets, staffing, etc.)
  • Election of board and committee members
  • Investment decisions

A fundamental principle behind the development of AICoin is the idea that the wisdom of the crowd is a more powerful force in decision making because it takes into account the “collective” wisdom of many as opposed to the narrower wisdom of an individual or a few.

As a collective member, please refer back to frequently for information about current and upcoming voting. You can also keep current and participate in the discussion of issues by joining the AICoin Slack channel. And you can refer back to to learn more about past voting issues and results.

The Collective is stronger when you participate. Your engagement and voting is essential to long-term success.