Dear Collective,

I have decided to step down from my role as a founding member of the Token Investment Committee. It has been a lot of fun and I’ve learned a lot since April 2018 we started.

We learned to adapt to changing market conditions and practices with the goal of improving results for AICoin. We started by connecting early with ICOs to get access to their private sale and the discount of early subscription (which generated our investment in the IAGON Token). Then, we changed our tactics and started scouting for undervalued tokens that had finished their subscription periods and were already listed on exchanges. In a bear market with newly listed tokens falling sometimes 50% (or more) post listing, we felt this would de-risk our investment since you could start to see the performance of the token and how well founders were meeting milestones. This generated our DragonChain investment.

We had challenging debates at times within the committee on whether or not to invest in a token, but I feel we managed to bring different angles to the discussion and this resulted in a balanced approach.

Having several ongoing projects which include co-managing a Swiss SME in the nutrition field, building a side project connected to security tokens, I felt I could not devote enough time to the Token Investment Committee anymore. I felt that it was time to free my spot for one of the many passionate and talented people within the collective.

I would like to thank Marcie and Gavin for giving me this opportunity to be a member of the Token Investment Committee (as well as members of the Collective that voted for my nomination obviously). It was fun and I enjoyed the ride. Special thanks to Steve my partner in crime for his tremendous energy, vision and commitment in researching new opportunities. Keep up the good work Steve.

I wish all the best to AICoin Collective, and I will make sure to stay updated by reading the blog.

As a side note, I am of course planning on holding my XAI.

I wish you all success.