Dragonchain, the Disney backed blockchain incubator that had supported the sale of IAGON has withdrawn support of the token causing the pre-sale to pause. According to Cryptonewsreview.com the reason that has caused this reaction is that Disney’s legal department fears that IAGON is highly likely to fall foul of increased scrutiny by US authorities. The ether that AICoin’s ICO Investment Pool deposited in IAGON has been returned.

The IAGON token originates in Norway and the founders say that the Norwegian authorities do not have a problem with the project. The current notice for the new pre-sale states emphatically that they will not accept subscriptions by non-accredited US investors and this may mollify the US authorities moving forward.

The decision has been made to reinvest the 40 ether earmarked for IAGON when the presale recommences on the 27th of May.

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