Hello token holders.
Welcome 2019.
You guys are due an update and I finally have something tangible to report.

Sevamob investment

Our New York attorney Steven Behar is finalizing the purchase agreement for the equity stake position in Sevamob. Once that is in place we will put out a joint announcement about the investment.

Issue with Reporting

We are currently pulling in the year end figures needed for the Tessier -Ashpool accounts. This is a manual process and we’ve had to focus on that as it is a legal requirement. It has taken away resources from weekly reporting (which is also a manual process) but this work was essential. Gavin tells me that we will be able to start reporting again at the end of this week.

Inviting model developers to trade for AICoin

If you will recall in December the collective voted to allow us to open up a competition to developers who, if they can develop profitable models that trade well in this market, will be allowed to trade with some of AICoin’s assets. When these traders reach new equity highs, they will share in Panxora’s license fee for achieving this goal.

We hope this will create new interest in AICoin with the right kind of token holders and assist in generating new profits for the token.

The work needed to create this structure is underway. It will have a public page where we can all see the progress of these model trading accounts. And each model developer will also have a private page where they can track their progress.

Token Investment Committee Progress

As part of the year end accounts we will publish where we are with all the pooled holdings of AICoin including the TIC. They have picked up some excellent bargains while the market is depressed.