AICoin Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms & Conditions of the AICoin Investment Collective which come into effect after the close of the ICO subscription period

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US Token Holder Notes

Notes of interest to persons residing in the United States of America

US Resident Notes

Proposed changes to the Terms & Conditions

ICO Investment Pool

Proposed creation of a separate ICO Investment Pool managed by a committee that makes decisions about taking positions in in ICOs on behalf of the collective. Full proposal can be read here. This will be voted on during the February 22 – 25 ballot.

Change to Start-up Investment Schedule

Currently the schedule for voting on Start-up opportunities is fixed at one vote per fiscal quarter. The Service Provider suggests changing the schedule to allow voting at any time in which the Start-up Investment Board finds a minimum of five opportunities for the Collective to consider.

The Service Provider strongly suggests adopting this measure to allow flexibility to secure desirable opportunities in a timely manner. The rules concerning a 30-day notice period for members of the Collective to consider the opportunity would still apply.


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