I want to thank everyone for attending Saturday’s Promotional Strategy Summit on the AICoin SLACK channel. Joe and I found it a very productive forum and several ideas were brought to our attention, some very simple that we will look to integrate into our communication plans for the token. Joe and Bambi will be communicating much more actively with the collective to help us put our resources into productive communications tactics. For now, I’d like to highlight some key points from the summit that should excite all of our token holders about AICoin.

Getting AICoin onto Exchanges

The exchange issue is one of the most frustrating for AICoin hodlers who believe that representation on a major exchange would significantly change the prospects for the token. I will continue to approach exchanges without charges when they are brought to my attention. But one of our larger token holders shared this pricing table with me concerning the current fee structure for exchange listings. I have not confirmed this information, I pass it to you as indicative of the state of the market.

Why AICoin does not have to take money away from trading to pay for an exchange listing

AICoin has an incredible resource that we are close to being able to exploit in the First Global Exchange. First Global is undergoing a site overhaul which will culminate in a professional rebrand and change to a registered or possibly full licensing as a cryptocurrency exchange. This gives AICoin a leg up over the other tokens that will vie for a position on the exchange. I have had a couple of conversations over the past month with token founders. When I tell them that First Global will not charge fees for listing but will instead ask that they share their token holder databases, they are ecstatic. We are an exchange with respectable liquidity, not a major exchange demanding extortionate fees for listing, but also not a decentralised exchange without history or liquidity.

XAI will gain the benefit of these new prospects but achieving this successfully brings me onto my next point…

Getting AICoin onto Token Tracking Sites

As some of you may know I was unsuccessful (at the first try) to get AICoin listed on CoinMarketCap. This was due to the fact that we are not listed on an exchange they currently track. This means if we can get First Global onto CMC then XAI will be on CMC. Would you like to know what is standing in the way of achieving this? It’s poor representation on cryptocurrency social networks. First Global’s customers are largely not the type that have time for Bitcointalk.org or Reddit, but that’s where you need representation if you want to be taken seriously by CMC.

However, while many of the token tracking sites simply take a feed from CMC, there are some notable exceptions and I am working with 2 of them right now to get First Global and XAI listed. These are Cryptocompare, which token holder Daniel M is an AICoin follower and BraveNewCoin. BNC was a news portal that has pivoted to be a tracking site. Jon Matonis knows the founder of BNC, Fran Strajnar, who we also know.


We are submitting our application to BNC on Monday. Everyone please apply a gentle and steady pressure after Monday to suggest to https://bravenewcoin.com/market-cap/ that they list an exchange you like – First Global, which as it happens represents a token you REALLY like AICoin (XAI.)

Concerning Cryptocompare, I was approached by them on Friday (bizarre coincidence) by Ricardo Bago in their listing and content department. I will be putting in an application to update their listing of us a little later in the week.


They have a section on the page where people can comment on your favourite token. https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/xaistar/overview

Getting an active API with the XAI price moving on it will be hugely helpful to our positioning on Cryptocompare. That’s my job. Getting you guys to post actively and continually about what we are achieving with the token would be most effective if it is done by members of the collective. As Daniel M. states – to dilute the trollish comments from people who do not know us but clearly just want to rubbish the coin.

Email me any time you find a token tracking site that DOES NOT take its feed from Cryptocompare, CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap. I will continue to work on CMC and CoinGecko and when I am successful our listing will propagate across their feed sites. But if you find some where I can present us for inclusion by providing API access to track token price I will do this for us.

Bambi and Joe will create a strategy so that those of you willing to help will know where to apply yourselves, so we are most effective. That blog will be coming shortly. In the meantime, search for local technology focused startup pitch events where you may meet founders of companies looking for capital. Visit token focused meetup groups and talk to people about AICoin and what we have achieved. Also, keep an eye out for podcasts or opportunities where token founders are interviewed.

AICoin is achieiving our goals and the world needs to know this

Gavin Smith, AICoin’s founder and thought leader reiterated that we will be having a vote on whether or not to include profit sharing with token holders through Loyalty Bonuses. (Please get into the habit of saying Loyalty Bonuses.) Whichever side you stand on this hot button issue (visit the SLACK channel loyaltybonusdebate) this is news in a market where as reported by Bitcoin.com in February 2018 that 46% of tokens launched in 2017 have already gone belly up! This is news and everyone you know that is into crypto should know this.

I would also point out to you the graphic that Richard7777777 (who I like to call Richard to the 7th power) posted of AICoin’s performance vs. Bitcoin. As Richard says, “A picture IS really worth 1000 words.” It is factual, but never promise that it means future results.

Issues with deposits, withdrawals and weekly reports.

I am VERY happy to report to you that some significant improvements have been made to the deposit, withdrawal and reporting process over the past few days which will result in much fewer fingernails being bitten down to the quick (mine included.) We have been working to release new changes to the dashboard that will make it possible to automatically pull in the data from the exchanges where Wintermute trades. These is what needs to be done each week to post the reports. Before these changes Gavin had to take almost a full day out of his week logging into each exchange and downloading the raw trade data. You can’t let an admin person do this work because there is no ‘read only’ access on cryptoexchanges, and because you CANNOT give an admin person access to an account with A MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF CRYPTOCURRENCY in it. These improvements when complete will also make it possible to actually SEE Wintermute’s trades on the blockchain (with the usual 2 day delay.) So that you guys don’t have to trust that we are actually trading on the collective’s behalf. You will be able to actually see it! I think that kind of transparency is news too. (Let people know!)

The allocation of the original subscriptions – Marketing / Capital Appreciation

Finally, I wanted to say that most of the collective is very patient even when things are slow. But for those of you who are frustrated need to remember that while most tokens post-launch take much of the capital raised to finance operations, the AICoin founders took the much harder road of putting almost all of the subscriptions into trading to start generating as much profit as quickly as possible. The allocation of capital to trading instead of operations means that in the formative year or so before we reach full momentum, things are going to be slow and a bit cumbersome. But as I’ve told many of you, in years to come AICoin token holder meetings have the potential of looking like those happy-go-lucky meetings Berkshire Hathaway AGMs have in Omaha, Nebraska. And you will only be able to get hold of my XAI by prying them out of my cold dead hands. I hope many of you feel the same way.

AICoin’s future is bright.