The AICoin Collective made their views abundantly clear when 54.2% of the vote went to the Atlanta, Georgia based Sevamob. Sevamob, founded in 2013, is a company that uses technology to bring high quality medical services within the reach of the entire world. They focus on providing services to under-served urban as well as rural areas that have a scarcity of physicians and health resources.

The company had a turnover of $622,000 for the fiscal year ending March 2018 based on delivering 15,000 patient consultations a month through pop-up clinics. Sevamob currently delivers these services through businesses, schools, NGOs, hospitals, and governments. They currently have branches in India, near to the company’s Atlanta Georgia headquarters and through franchises in South Africa and Botswana.

The company currently makes revenue from two streams, the delivery of full spectrum medical services from diagnosis through treatment (delivered through pop-up clinics)  and licensing of their proprietary technology.

They are looking for $2m dollars for regulatory approval, to expand sales, undertake continue AI research and execute patents to protected the Sevamob tech.

The Sevamob team is led by Shelley Saxena. Saxena is a considered and thoughtful leader and Sevamob is not his first effort at business creation. His CV indicates that he created a successful mobile technology company and has also worked in product management for IBM.

What next?

Now that the vote has concluded, we will proceed to the due diligence and negotiation phase of the investment process. If a deal can be struck and the material provided has presented the company in an accurate way we anticipate being ready to sign the equity stake agreement shortly.

Due to a particularly profitable first 6 months of trading AICoin has sufficient capital to make several more investments, so it is our plan to immediately begin to search for more high quality opportunities to benefit the group. Also, because the number of votes that were cast as “Invest in none” totalled a mere 0.2% of the vote, the two companies in second and third place will be invited back during the next vote if they wish to participate.

Do you wish to take a private equity stake in Sevamob?

If any member of the Collective is interested in making a private investment in Sevamob alongside AICoin please email me at investment[at]aicoin[dot]io.

Collective Votes

Full information is available on the voting page of the dashboard.

Sevamob – 54.2%
Cortex – 34.7%
SPEXT – 10.1%
Vote for none – 0.2%