Hi collective,

This report is written to keep  you in the loop with the various issues we are addressing in the management of AICoin. There are 4 things I will report in today’s status update, with No. 4 being a really exciting piece of news in our strategy to increase demand for AICoin.

  • Loyalty Bonus Vote: Voting starts tomorrow at noon London time and runs to Sunday noon for on-dash voting and 6P London time for offsite wallet voting.
  • ICO investment committee: After having taken a position in TIP and IAGON, Steve and Ludovic have been scouring the landscape for other suitable opportunities and have not found anything else to buy yet. Gavin has been meeting founders whenever he can grab the time to attend a conference and he has found one possible he has passed to me to research. His logic is that meeting the founders gives you a much better idea of their probability of success as opposed to reading a white paper. I will let you know as soon as there is more to report.
  • Sevamob progress: We have submitted an offer to the founders which they are considering. After it is accepted it may be possible for AICoin token holders to invest privately in this round. I will have further information if this is possible shortly.

Raising the profile of AICoin:
Yasir, who some of you may have met in Telegram or SLACK has been able to get the First Global Exchange listed on Brave New Coin. At the same time we pitched to get XAI listed and the data manager has asked about other exchanges that host the token? I am going to have Yasir point them to ForkDelta, so any of you minded to push some liquidity through Forkdelta over the next couple of months can do so. I cannot speak about whether the spread is or is not advantageous, but if we can get Brave New Coin to list XAI, then I can press on with re-approaching World Coin Index, Cryptocompare and Coin Gecko. Culminating with us attacking CoinMarketCap, who I think is the leading site at present.

This work coupled with what Bambi and Joe are starting to do to raise the profile of AICoin in Social Media and the PR campaign we will launch when the Sevamob deal closes will start to legitimately raise demand for XAI.