Thank you for everyone who participated in the vote. As mentioned in the previous post, the Collective voted for ongoing customer loyalty airdrops and reverse auctions to buy back XAI.

The first period will be end of June and, as mentioned previously, will include the profits already generated during the voting period.

The timeline for this round will be as follows:

Weekly Report Commencing 14th June. From this report onward we will break out the amount in the airdrop pool and the amount in the reverse auction pool (they will be the same amounts).

Week Ending 28th June. This is the final Friday of the month, so distributions will be as shown in the published pool amounts.

Wednesday 3rd July 12:00 UTC. The Reverse Auction will be opened. You will be able to place and delete offers on your auction screen. You will be able to access the screen via Panxora or your AICoin dashboard. The auction screen will allow you to offer balances from your Panxora account or your Dashboard account. Any XAI tokens offered will not be available for trading or withdraw. You can cancel any offers up to the closing time of the auction. Please Note:- this is a blind auction and all offers will receive the best price matched in the auction. See here for further details.

Monday 8th July 12:00 UTC. The reverse Auction will be closed. It will no longer be possible to place or delete offers on the auction platform.

Monday 8th July 17:00 UTC. The results of the auction will be announced. There will be a post on this site and also an alert will be sent on the Panxora exchange. At this time all unsuccessful offers will be cancelled and the tokens released. Successful offers will be executed and the BTC will be credited to the Dashboard (for dashboard auction offers) or the Panxora exchange account (for Panxora auction offers). Please note auction matching will not sweep any orders on the dashboard or the Panxora exchange. If there are surplus funds to purchase XAI in the auction then the amount will be announced and the surplus funds will be returned to the Investment Pool.

Monday 15th July 12:00 UTC. We will announce the reference block for calculating Airdrop eligibility. The block will be close to 12:00 UTC on Wednesday 17th July. Details of how the airdrop is handled can be found here.

Wednesday 17th July 17:00 UTC. We will publish on this site details of which addresses are going to be assigned the airdrop, the identified XAI balance and the corresponding airdrop quantity. This will be in the form of a downloadable CSV. If you believe the system has not correctly captured your balance you have 7 days (until Wednesday 24th July 17:00 UTC) to raise a review request.

Wednesday 24th July 17:00 UTC. End of review period.

Thursday 25th July 12:00 UTC. Airdrop will be applied to the identified addresses and accounts. Please note:- if an address or account is marked to receive less than $1.50 worth of ETH then the balance will be held and added to next months award. Only airdrops of over $1.50 will be paid. 

Friday 26th July. Last Friday of the next period where further distributions may be available.