Greetings Collective,

I am delighted to be able to report that after reviewing over 20 tokens, the AICoin Token Investment Committee has successfully taken a position in two tokens during their pre-sale periods, IAGON and TIP.

“The ‘upcoming’ token market has been hampered by the pressure of regulators. There has been less money invested in new tokens this year. I think it’s a positive for AICoin however,” stated investment committee member Steve Austin. “The increased regulation and smaller investor base should lower risk and the cost of token ownership. Further, AICoin benefits because we are classed as an accredited investor and are not based in the United States.”

Following the ongoing statements from the Security and Exchange Commission about the ICO marketplace many tokens have simply red lined US investors decreasing though by no means eliminating available capital for token purchase. “[This means] hard caps are falling at the moment, not rising,” continues Austin.

You may recall there was some controversy last month when DragonChain, the platform that had been engaged to work with and distribute IAGON tokens withdrew their support of the project. The token has recovered from this setback and the committee made a decision to continue with their investment plans.

Summary of AICoin Token Committee Investments

By Steve Austin – ICO Committee Member

What is IAGON?

Iagon’s vision is to create a global supercomputer, powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. It is a platform for harnessing the processing power and storage capacity of multiple smart devices over an encrypted Blockchain/Tangle grid. Iagon addresses the real need for decentralized cloud computing and storage services at low cost. Storage cost is predicted to start at an 80% discount to AWS Amazon cloud services. Iagon will partner with data centres, distributed cloud storage platforms and others to serve customers. They already have some impressive partners lined up like Oracle, MediaNord and Cloud28. It is expected that IAG will trade on Bancor, Nauticus, and EtherDelta after the launch in September 2018.

According to ICO Bazaar, the token has already secured over $3.5m of their softcap goal of $5m. The ICO phase is slated to end in September of 2018.

AICoin position

  • 40 ETH invested
  • 666,666.66 IAGON received (cost- approx. 3.6 US cents)
  • Expected price post launch – 6 – 9 US cents per token

What is TIP?

TIP is an encrypted cyrptocurrency payment gateway and messaging app that attaches usernames, metadata and instant messaging to the payment process. The database is fully indexed and searchable. The goal of TIP is to remove the geekiness of crypto-payments as TIP wallets replace the complication of copying wallet addresses or QR codes to make a payment with entering a username.

TIP will use Ethereum and an off-chain distributed database while they build the TIP Blockchain. There is an expected beta release scheduled for Q2 2018 and their mobile/desktop application, Kasakasa, is slated for release Q4 2018. TIP token will be released two weeks after the sale ends on August 17. It is expected that TIP will trade on Bancor and EtherDelta.

AICoin position

  • 40 ETH invested
  • 1.2m TIP received (cost- approx. 2 US cents)
  • Expected price post launch – 6 US cents per token
  • Hard cap – 46,450 (approx. $26m at today’s ETH price)
  • Unsold tokens will be burned

The investment committee is made up of token holders Steve Austin and Ludovic Choppin and AICoin founder Gavin Smith. When asked about what he sees as a possible buy and sell strategy for the Token Pool Smith stated, “IMHO the ideal strategy for AICoin would be to sell out 50% of our holdings if and when the tokens we buy double in value. That way the initial investment is returned to the Token Pool to be reinvested and any additional profit gained is risk free. But the token committee will vote on token sales, just like they do purchases,” finished Smith.

The Token Investment Committee will continue to search for new, high quality projects to invest in. If you have any suggestions investment in pre-ICO discount phase is preferred. Please email the AICoin team an overview of why you think a token is a good profit opportunity for AICoin. Please include some information about the purpose of the token, quality of the founding team, available discounts and time frame to when the token will become available for investment.