Proposed Vote: New Policy to Increase XAI Demand / Search for More Effective Trading Models

I’d like to thank everybody that took the time to carefully consider and then vote on the proposal to allow XAI holders to present models for potential inclusion in the AICoin trading strategy. The views of the collective were split on whether or not this would add potential to the results of our cryptocurrency trading.

Here are the final results:

[WINNING VOTE] 48% Votes for – Set aside $250,000 for member model trading.

8% Votes for – 
Set aside $500,000 for member model trading.
15% Votes for – Set aside $750,000 for member model trading.
28% Votes for – Do not adopt the collective model trading strategy.

We will use some of the AICoin marketing budget to bring this to the public’s attention. It will be very interesting to see what kinds of model developers we will attract to buy into AICoin and try their hand at model development. It will also be interesting to see how well they do in this bear market.