AICoin is pleased to announce that starting Monday, February 18th you will be able to use XAI tokens to pay the commission on all trading on the Panxora exchange. Not only that, but any commission paid in XAI is charged at 50% of standard commissions.

If you want to take advantage of the 50% reduction email support. Include your username  and how many XAI you would like to have transferred to your commission wallet.

We’ll move the XAI across, you will be able to review at any time how many XAI remain in your commission wallet on your currency trading balances screen:

Panxora Cash Position Window

As you use XAI for commission the number of XAI will reduce. If you use up the XAI in the XAI.comm commission wallet, your commission rates will revert to full price until you top up the XAI.commm commission wallet again. For now, this can be done by buying XAI then emailing [email protected] and asking for a specific amount to be moved to the XAI.comm commission wallet.

If you want to move XAI back into your regular wallet, just email [email protected] stating your username and how many (or all) of your XAI you want to return to the standard XAI wallet and the funds will be moved back within 24 hours.

There is no charge for moving funds back and forth between the regular wallet and the commission wallet.

Some questions that people have been asking are:

I want to take advantage of the offer but don’t currently hold XAI, how can I do this? XAI can be purchased on the Panxora exchange (against BTC). Simply buy the amount of XAI you want to hold and send an email asking us to move some or all of them into your XAI.comm commission wallet.

I want to get the 50% reduction in fee’s but don’t want to reduce my XAI holding? You can top up your XAI either before you trade or after you trade. To keep it simple it makes sense to hold a round balance of XAI in your commission wallet (5000 for instance) then each day check the balance and top up what you’ve spent in the market. This will maintain your position over time. If you don’t want to reduce your position, purchase the additional XAI and then use them to fund your XAI.comm commission account.

Can I trade the XAI in my commission wallet? No, the XAI in your commission wallet are locked. If you sell XAI in the marketplace then your regular wallet will show the effect of the XAI sale. Your commission wallet will be unaffected.

If you have any further questions please email [email protected] and we will answer them as soon as possible.