Its been 19 months since the launch of AICoin. For this period token holders have been able to use the dash for cash trading of AICoin. That means you could not leverage, nor could you hold a short position. We are now transfering all AICoin dashboard trading to the Panxora Exchange. On Panxora you can trade AICoin against BTC at two times leverage. This means you can double the XAI you hold or take a short position. You can also use AICoin to back trading in other cryptocurrencies or stock trading. You can also use XAI for commissions on Panxora at a 50% reduction to normal commissions.

Shortly we will stop the trading functionality of AICoin on the dashboard completely. We don’t have a date for this yet, but in future, the processing of deposits and withdrawals on the AICoin dashboard are now limited to once a week, except during AICoin Voting.

Vote Collective Issues Through the Dashboard

The dashboard is still a great way to vote on XAI issues if you do not want to bother voting from a MEW.

50% discount when you use XAI for commissions on Panxora

It is now possible to use XAI for commissions on the Panxora exchange with a 50% discount. Just email [email protected] stating how many XAI you would like moved from your Panxora XAI trading wallet to the XAI.comm commission wallet.